Commercial electronic messages pursuant to articles 7 and 8 of the Regulation on Commercial Communication and Commercial Electronic Messages We are obliged to obtain the approval of our customers in order to send them. In addition, Article 5 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 and the Personal Data Protection Board No. 2020/173 dated 27/02/2020, numbered 2019/04 dated 08/07/2019, numbered 2019/159 dated 31/05/2019, Commercial electronic messages without your express consent, including the decisions dated 31/05/2019 and numbered 2019/162. We cannot send it. Within the framework of sales and after-sales services under our Join Us brand; providing guidance on products and services, information about the campaigns, evaluation of your satisfaction with the purchased products and other services. Making analyzes for and communicating with you in this context, promotion of the aforementioned services and products, by sending you short messages and e-mails in order to carry out marketing and campaign activities. Since our communication with you by telephone is within the scope of commercial electronic communication, In order to be able to communicate electronically, we must fulfill our obligations written above. We would like to emphasize that; Commercial electronic messages will not be sent without your express consent under any circumstances. This The decision on the matter is entirely at your discretion and we do not force you in this regard. By confirming this checkbox, your contact data will be processed for the purpose of sending commercial electronic messages to you. for your questions
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